Avalon II is going to Epic!

It’s just around the corner and by the time you read this, it will definitely be available, but Microgaming’s announcing of the Avalon II: The Quest for the Holy Grail Online Video Slots has gotten slot players incredibly excited. It’s been 7 years since the original Avalon online video slots game was released and by what has been divulged thus far, Avalon II is set to break all kinds of records.


The mere scale of this casino game is nothing short of epic. Microgaming has gone through incredible lengths to deliver a game that not only entertains, but captures the imagination of the player through its well fleshed out storyline – surely formidable enough to challenge the Gaiman and Tolkien novels. The scale is so mammoth that Avalon II will have 8 bonus games! That’s more bonus games than any other casino game in the history of slots or online slots.

The artwork stays true to the Arthurian legend but the boys and girls at Microgaming have imbued it with a very contemporary look. In other words, despite its setting in an era long gone by, the characters and the scenery is incredibly hip. The animation itself has been done in 3D, thus giving all the imagery incredible and depth and detail.
Avalon II: The Quest for the Holy Grail Online Video Slots is definitely going to dwarf its predecessor. The original casino game is still immensely popular and to this day ranks above many new online casino titles, but Avalon II looks set to blast away all the competition.


The key characters of this casino game are King Arthur, Merlin the magician, Morgan, his evil half-sister and a dark clad figure simply known as the Black Knight. Every effort has been made to inject this video slots game with as much realism as possible, right down to the use of motion capturing technology. There’s also a player choice option, which gives the player more free reign with regards to the direction of his or her quest.

Come February 2014, the online video slots industry will never be the same again thanks to Avalon II Online Video Slots.