Jurassic Park™ Online video Pokies

New Zealand pokies players are in for a real treat with the latest creation from Microgaming. Twenty years ago the movie made history in every sense of the word and now history is repeating itself with the release of Jurassic Park™ Online Video Pokies. Microgaming has created new technology to roll out with its latest release which sees the unveiling of the all new Parallax Scrolling feature, a new dimension in casino games graphics that provides online casino New Zealand players with richer colours and a much greater layer of detail. What does it mean? An immersive experience not before achieved in the world of online video pokies, and one that New Zealand online casino players are bound to love. So brace yourself for a pokies adventure spannig back 65 million years and welcome to Jurassic Park™…Online Video Pokies.


Dino-Bite Sized Winning Opportunities

It’s man vs dinosaur for a jackpot prize of up to 8 000 coins and in Jurassic Park™ Online Video Pokies Kiwi players are in for a ride that includes a splendid T-Rex Wild feature that during the base game can randomly award up to 35 Wilds for the duration of 6 spins. The intro video of this casino online NZ pokies game contains snippets from the original movie, interspersed with new video footage created for the game and bits and pieces of the game play. The video alone is more than enough to justify all reasons you may have to want to play this online casino New Zealand video pokies adventure.


Enhancing your pokies games experience are the the eclectic sounds of the island, replicated sound for sound to create a casino game experience authentic to the source material while also providing great escapism bound to be immersive and entertaining. The perpetual rustling of the grass combined with the hum of insects gives Jurassic Park™ Online Video Pokies a real atmosphere about it.

243 Ways To Win at Casino Online.Kiwi.nz

Jurassic Park™ Online Video Pokies boasts Micogaming’s simplified ways to win system that provides wins simply by having like symbols appear from reels 1 onwards. This means that a successful win is achieved when like-symbols land after one another anywhere on the reels starting with reel 1. But there’s so much more to to this pokies game than just its revolutionary reel system. Waiting for all casino online NZ players is a total of 5 free spin features made up by 5 dinosaurs from the film.


5 Free Spins Features For NZ players

Jurassic Park™ Online video Pokies offers serious dino-sized action in the form of five dino-themed casino bonuses each represented by a diffrent beast from the island . The Amber Scatter symbol with the prehistoric mosquito stuck inside the gum is the key to your entry into the free spins feature. Consisting of five dinosaurs each offering 12 free spins, these dinosaurs consisting of the T-Rex and Velociraptor to name just two all offer unique win enabling features such as Stacked Wilds and Rolling Reels. In the beginning each dinosaur is randomly awarded but after a 25th entry, the option to choose your beast of choice becomes available. This New Zealand online casino pokies game is truly a game changer in terms of what it has to offer. Win a bronto sized jackpot of 8 000 coins today!!